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Default Re: 003 freeze ups? What could be wrong?

First thing is a warning!!!
NEVER hot-patch the firewire connections(plug or unplug with things turned on). Doing that will often fry the FW chip in the 003, the FW port in the computer, or even both(yes, I learned the hard way).

Here is how I would troubleshoot: and order a new FW cable. They do die for no particular reason(I had 1 go bad and it was untouched for a solid year).
2-if your FW is an add-on card, I would shut everything down, remove the card, dust off the motherboard and slots, then stick the card back in and give it a go.
3-Make sure you have the proper driver from Avid for the 003 console(rack uses a different driver) and for Windows 7(assuming your signature is accurate)
4-given the age of the 003, you might think about updating
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