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Default Bought PT 10/11/12 Bundle Licence... Only got licence for 12

I just purchased an online activation card and a 2nd gen ilok key for pro tools v 10, 11, and 12 (licence bundle), however upon creating my accounts on avid and ilok, and activating using the key, I only see a pro tools 12 licence under my licence manager and on the avid website.

I require the use of PT10 due to the hardware in the studio only being compatible with 10 and not 11 or 12.

I have signed up for a pro tools 11 trial, and the trial licence actually shows up as a bundle and let me download pro tools 10 or 11 - so for 30 days I am good so at least I can start working, however I need to know how to resolve this issue with my paid version so that I can access all 3 versions as I am supposed to be able to.


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