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Default Re: Eleven Rack not recognized after a OS boot or reboot.

Originally Posted by tengai View Post
Why does the Eleven rack have this problem?
This is not an 11R problem, it will be something to do with the computer.

Assuming you are using PT8, if you haven't done so already, download and install v8.05 update;

Right click and run updater in administrator mode. (do not uninstall current version) this is an updater, not a full installer.

I'm not sure if the drivers are re-installed with the update but if they aren't you can download and install 11R drivers from here;

Scroll down to 'Pro Tools USB Device Drivers'

Install update/drivers with the 11R switched off then reboot with it switched on. Once fully booted, wait for a couple of minutes while windows searches and installs drivers.

Also check in Control Panel>Device Manager>double click Universal Serial Bus Controllers>double click 1st USB Root Hub entry>Power Management Tab>UNCHECK 'allow the computer to turn off this device to save power>OK

Do same for each USB Root Hub entry.

Is the 11R plugged directly into a computer USB port or are you using an external hub? 11R should be direct into Computer USB port.
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