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Default Sound Control Panel

Hi guys,
I'm a ProTools 5.3.1 user and I have a Control 24, a 192 I/O, and an HD3 system; also I use a Mac G4 933 with OS 9.2.2.
My problem is to listen the Mac output (such as cd player, or quicktime application and so on...) by my 192 I/O because I have linked all my audio system (Dynaudio Bm15A) on Control 24. I have wrote to Digidesign tecnical support and they says that I must copy in the control panel folder the item called "Digidesign" and set the output on Sound control panel to this item (Digidesign). I had make all those step, and when I restart my system the out comes from my 192 I/O. The problem is: I use also Digidesign Sample Cell; but when I start Protools (after Sample Cell) it stoped and says to me that the audio output is busy.
I also trash the sound preference, but the problem is not resolved.....
Please help me because from Digi support I have had not answer.
Thanks again
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