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Default Re: PT 10 - eleven rack - akai mpk25 and midi out

OK - let me clarify a little....maybe I skipped ahead too much. Yes I have a Midi track and and Aux track, yes I have a (SW) Instrument Patch, yes I understand it is only a controller and not a sound source.

I kind of randomly chose the MPC60 - so I could tweak that and see what happens - but the point is this: if I don't define something there - I see NO SIGNAL. Using the APC60 - I do see signal/midi info transmitted.

In terms of I/O - yes - you would think the default output would be L/R Stereo through the Eleven Rack - like it always has been....but that is not the case. I cannot choose a track output to L/R - or anything audible. I can choose an output to another instrument track - and that new instrument track can choose an output to another instrument track and so on and so on.

As stated - yes I have a midi track and an aux track (which is intended to listen to what I am playing - using the instrument plug-in as a source). I can choose any of the default instruments piano, synth, etc.

But here's the part that I am stuck on. When I press a key on the MPK25 - I can see the meters move. I can see the virtual keys being pressed on the software instrument - corresponding to my touch on the controller.....that is a good thing. I tells me that the Pro Tools Midi Channel is reading the input and that the instrument patch is reading/responding to the controller as well. If I record enable the track(s) - I can touch keys and record the midi data and again I see the meters move and everything looks as it should. In the editor - I see the midi data. But I cannot hear any output - either while recording, or in "rehearse" mode, or upon playback.

So - I am inclined to believe I am missing something in the controller setup - possibly through the Midi Studio setup options where I chose MPC60. But I am soooo close. I have everything I need except output (and a default MPK25 IO template in pro tools 10 - so I could just choose this controller from a drop-down list, setup the tracks and roll....but that would be too easy.)

Hopefully this helps explain the issue a little clearer. I appreciate the help.

Now for your entertainment......When purchasing the MPK25 I also purchased a Monster USB contacts.....braided/shielded wire....$35. I know. It's only 0's and 1's and they either get to where they're going or not. In general a fancy cable is really no different than a $5 cable when it comes to transmitting binary......but I did like the 15' length and wanted nothing but pristine quality from the Eleven Rack to my Laptop - so I bought it. I took the MPK25 out of the box, installed the drivers - plugged it into the usb port (using the included usb cable - no special purchase for this) the pc found the hdwe - everything was good to go.
So I open up a PT session and the windows chimes, bells and usual sounds all sounded really distorted and weird. I thought - OK - the 11R and the MPK are too much for the USB bus or something. So I played a pre-recorded track.....same thing. What sounded great yesterday - now sounds like a transistor radio cranked up all the way and plugged into a marshall amp on 11. Just horrible. I closed out of PT and just opened a regular mp3 file of any random song in my music library.....same thing.....garbage. I completely uninstalled everything and anything to do with this new MPK25 and unplugged it - rebooted - and still.....upon bootup the lovely Windows chime sound - junk. Now I'm thinking somehow this MPK just fried my Eleven Rack's op-amps or something.....I'm baffled. Maybe somehow I have blown the brand new KRK cans??? So I completely disconnect the 11R from the PC - turn the PC off and plug my PRS guitar directly into the 11R and start jamming with the headphones on....and's beautiful, pristine, lush and soothing. OK - so - It's not the headphones. It's not the 11R or the Op-Amps inside it. Could it possibly be this Gold Plated Overpriced warrantied for life Monster cable that I just took off the store shelf an hour ago???? I swapped USB cables from the 11R into the PC with a regular no-name brand probably came with an old printer somewhere down the line USB cable found in the "box of cables" that we all have. And viola'. Pristine musical sound emanates from my headphones. It couldn't be! Brand new - lifetime warranty gold plated too expensive Monster cable.....causing a total breakdown and degradation of signal.....0's and 1's. Unbelievable and an hour of my life that I can't get back (although I can get the money back).
So that's how this setup started. And now - it's soooo close. If I could just hear what is on my MIDI track I can spend all this time starting fires instead of putting them out.
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