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Default Re: Mute button mutes all tracks?

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
Are all the tracks selected? This is easy to accidentally do(if all the track names are highlighted, then all are selected. Option or Alt-click any track name to de-select. If that fails, open the Tracks bin on the left side and look in the bottom box where groups are shown. The ALL group is always in there(even if you never created one). Last idea, if you select a single clip on one of your tracks, do any other clips get selected? If so, you accidentally made a Clip Group(which does not show in the Groups box).
Hi. I solved the problem with another thread's answer. What you suggest was not the problem. The problem was that the button edit link selection was not selected. When this happens the only way this shortcut works is if you select a clip directly. If not, it behaves like it did on my session. So the solution in is to toggle this button so it will función as I wa Ted... Just by selecting the track.

Hope this helps.
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