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Default bad data enountered while translating midi chunk list... HELP!

[QUOTE]Originally posted by jkriske:
[QB]hello sorry to repost but i need input badly.
i'm running PT LE 5.1 on a G4 400 blue w/ Digi 001
for the most part i love it
we've recently moved all our session stuff to an EZQuest Cobra+ which after 3 days of trouble shooting i also mostly love.

however, one song, which was never a problem before and is deadlined for release mid march, will not load

at launch i recieve the message

"could ot complete the 'Open Session..' command because: bad data encountered while translating Midi chunk list"

i have never seen this error before (and trust me, i've used the digi nonstop for a long time now, i've seen many) anyway...

i did a search of the online answerbase and found one case relating to Windows
that said it was corrupted session data(makes sense) and the only answer was to make a new session and import audio.
We compose within protools think clicks n cuts or gazzilions of edits...
so imorting the audio files won't much help me get the song back
and if i try to import tracks i get the same error message
any advice or workarounds?

any answers much appreciated
we have a record to finish
Mac G4 MDD 1.25 Ghz (x2)
2 GB memory
Seagate Ultrawide scsi drive 70GB (x4)
OSX 10.3.7
PT LE 6.4cs9
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