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Default More detailed info on BUFFER ERROR!

I know i been here alot the last couple weeks, but regarding my buffer error thread I have the whole error and I guess my basic question is, is this really possible.

heres what the error reads:

DAE was unable to obtain a disk buffer of the requested size(an additional 6280K of memory is needed) you should probably quit now and attempt to allocate more memory for use by DAE but you may be able to continue with a reduced buffer size(playback performance may be adversely affected and some playback engines may be unavailable.

ok so the size of memory needed varies from 1 thousand to like 10 thousand depending on the buffer settings, the only way to get rid of this message is to set buffer to minimum settings. They are talking about my RAM? correct or not? Is it really possible to need this much memory on a computer. this is what IM working with I hope someone can help??

pro tools 5.3.3 w/ mbox
windows xp home edition
sound blaster audigy 2
amd processor
896 mb ram
160 gb hard drive (I use hot swap drives for recording though)
128 mb xfx video card (dual screen setup)
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