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Default Re: Midi crash on 10.2

Do you have any external midi hardware attached? Other than any midi on your audio interface? For example, anything attached to the midi ports on your audio interface, or on another midi interface you have attached?

This message is only of use if you do have external hardware.

If so, switch it/them off and/or detach it/them.

Remove everything, so only your audio interface is attached, and see if that gets rid of the problem. If so, then gradually start adding things back, like any midi interface first, then midi hardware, one at a time, checking how things are working after each item added.

When you identify the problem hardware, try changing midi leads first, see if that solves it. If the problem persists then it may be a hardware problem, or you may have created a midi loop somehow.

At different times I've had both midi lead and hardware problems cause symptoms like you describe.

Let us know your exact configuration if you are running midi hardware.

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