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Default pt 9 smooth ride

Well, I've got a few PT 9 rigs up and running now

1. a dual 2X3.00 xeon core dell 690 running 8 gigs of 667 ram on a 003r


2. a dell 390 running a 6600 2.4 core2duo with 4 gigs of 667 ram on a mbox pro

damn - both these systems are snappy

I bought into PTLE with an original mbox in and around version 5.x

I gave up on PT LE at about 7.4...although I kept buying the upgrades...ha ha...then trying them...then switching to another program...cause i couldn't get more then 8 tracks in ptle working correctly - ever

I've bought and tried and still use many different daws while running away from ptle....Ableton Live, Tracktion, Reaper, Record/Reason

Hell I even went backwards and compiled a mix plus plus system runing a
1. 24bit adat bridge
2. 4 x digi 888/24s
3. and a 1622/20

now don't get me wrong I do love my mix system (ha ha...specially cause I've got it running on a 2.4 quadcore...damn thing smokes)

but - now, I have a few small PT9 systems that sing in pace with my speed of creative writing...and with my mboxpro and digi 003 things are just so much easier to physically move around then 2 racks of a mix system...although my mix system does look and sound way cool, it is my mbox pro and my digi 003r that i can easily toss into a cab with a computer (or a laptop) and go do a session

dang, with pt9 - I'm just a happy guy - that's all...just thought I share

ok ok so I'll keep Reaper...I mean who wouldn't - but I'm really glad to be back in the hands of PT with this incredible version 9 - whew's been a struggle holding on...but looks like we made it!

hum....what's I go for a used 192 and a couple of cards...hum? (i'm enjoying the greed with PT9...hell I'm wallowing in it)
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