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Default Re: Absolute pan linking ? Help please...

Hi ,

Could someone please clarify the "absolute pan linking" stuff ?

Hi-level summary:

Pan-linking is now available in Mix groups in which the Pan linking is saved as a Group attribute.
"Use Absolute Pan Linking" is an on/off preference in the Perferences/Mixing pane.
With this pref OFF, linked panning control moves will be relative.
4 track Mix Group with Pan-Linking enabled.
1. With all tracks pan values at center, move one tracks pan control left/right and see other Group members' pan follow the same pan values.
2. With all tracks pan values at center, CTL (clutch) a track 4's pan slider to full right. ("Clutch" refers to temporarily isolating that control from modifying the other Group members).
3. Now move a track 3's pan which is at center position to the far right. You'll see other center-based tracks follow, though track 4 at full right position will not move, as it is already full right.
4. Move track 3's pan to far left position. Result: Tracks' 1-3 pan will go to far right, but track 4's pan should move back to center, as we've stored the relative offset of track 4's pan position.

If you now turn "Use Absolute Pan Linking" ON, and repeat the same steps, you will see (in Step 4) that Track 4's pan position will 'snap' to the other's position as we are now using "Absolute" instead of relative positioning.

Hope this helps.....

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