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Default Driver problems with 002 rack + nuendo problem

Hey peeps, hopefully someone can help me with this one!

I've jsut formatted the computer to clear everything up. Before the format i use either the 5.3 or 6.1 drivers for the 002 rack with no service packs on XP installed!

I've now installed XP with all the service packs and updates etc. I installed the 7.0 drivers. Works perfectly and now I can use a 2048 buffer size finally (i use a lot of plugins) However previously i used to use the "direct monitoring" option in nuendo/cubase. Enabling this now however results in no send when I go to monitor a track. If i disable direct monitoring then then the sound appears but obviously it is delayed....i'm used to the 0ms of direct monitoring Any help ?!?

I tried reverting and installing drivers 6.1.1 and a 5.3 one i have. However as soon as i load nuendo up with these the computer just decides to restart itself. So im pretty ******!

Please any ideas?! I'd much rather use version 7 drivers...have they got rid of direct monitoring or am i doing some wrong?

When i use the old 5.3 drivers i cant select the digi 002 as an ASIO driver...

Anyone know what might be causing the computer to restart itself with the 6.1.1 drivers? I get the same problems in nuendo 2.01, 2.2 and nuendo 3

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