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Default connecting 001 to a home stereo to A/B between mixing monitors and stereo speakers...

I am trying to figure out how to run an output to a stereo so that I can listen to my mixes in realtime on a regular stereo, as opposed to my Mackie monitors, just to get a quick reference on how things are translating to the real world. The idea behind this is to not have to burn a CD every time I want to play it on another stereo.

I think I know how to do this but I just want to make sure this is okay before I attempt it...

I have the HR824's connected to output 1 and 2 (monitor outputs). I want to be able to just turn on the stereo and quickly listen to a mix without having to reconnect cables or whatever. If I connect outputs 3 and 4 to a vacant input on the back of my Denon stereo receiver (using 1/4" to RCA adaptor cables), would that work? Will all outputs be on at the same time, so that I can just turn the monitor volume knob down on the front of the Digi so I can hear the stereo speakers independently?
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