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Default To The PowerBook users (and also WAVES users)

i know a lot people have them.... and obviously they do the intense work with powermac DUAL and so.... but i want to spend in a new PB 12" 1.5Ghz.... and i know they do easy the 32 track (without plugs) with internal drive... and i'm not trying to ask the DAVEC of them (it would be usefull but not that much).... the question is for the WAVES v5.0 users:

when doing some light limiting or maximazing with C4 + L3 (on a single stereo bounced track)... how much of procesor is working in this task???

PS:is enough 512MB for only audio (no REASON andother midi APPS) for this PB with the PTLE???

Powerbook 12" 1,5Ghz 1,25Gb RAM
M-Box v.1.0 "the old one"
PTLE 7.0 Tiger(10.4.6)
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