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Default Re: New Pro-tools setup advice needed!

Originally Posted by sleeplessoasis View Post
Hi Guys,

Follow up question...

When buying an external hard drive for the Pro Tools projects to go on, should I specifcially go for a mains powered drive, or will a USB bus powered drive be ok? Is there any link to Pro Tools crashing with USB bus powered drives?


I've been using usb powered drives, mostly two at a time, with imacs and minis the last couple of years, slow ones and fast ones, with no issues whatsoever. The fast ones may get a bit hot with hard work, that's all.

PS: I had a very strange and worrying thing with a Mac Mini M1 testing the last week though, a thunderbolt-connected sata ssd that I had been using for a long time without problems actually started to make interference noise on my speakers when it was working, like with backups. Never did this before. I switched its connection from a apple thunderbolt adapter to direct mini port and it was gone. I haven't had time to investigate.
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