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Default PT10 LE + Artist Control and Mix via HUI (Not Working)


The computer in question is a MacPro, OS 10.6.8, with Protools 10 LE + Music Production Toolkit. I have been using an SSL Nucleus very successfully for my control surface.

I have recently added two Avid units - a Control and a Mix. PT10 does not allow using Eucon and HUI protocols simultaneously. I am therefore restricted to using the Avid surfaces in HUI mode in PT10.

I have done all the suggested things in previous threads, deleted all MIDI drivers in Lib/Audio/MIDI Drivers other than Eucon. Prefs folder is read/write for everyone, PT has been added as HUI ch 1-4 in the Eucon System Prefs pane, and other bits and pieces attended to.

There seem to be no DHCP issues, Logic runs up perfectly with Logic choosing to auto-use the Mackie protocol. Other apps are seen and able to be interacted with using the Avid Control unit.

Protools REFUSES to see either the Mix or Control surfaces via HUI (or maybe more to the point the Avid surfaces refuse to recognise Protools - a MIDI implementation issue with the surface it seems from testing - but could be wrong).
PT sees the Eucon MIDI 1 - 4 in HUI peripheral setup.
PT does NOT display the dialogue box saying it can't communicate with HUI.
PT DOES display the dialogue box saying it cant communicate with HUI *IF* I intentionally do something wrong - so the dialogue process seems to be working fine.
Avid Mix and Control faders and buttons remain inactive.

Nothing on any site or pdf states that HUI has been disabled for PT10 specifically for the Avid surfaces - but HAS it? HUI works for my other HUI devices (e.g. SSL Nucleus and Matrix). Or is there something that can be done to get this going?

Also, it would be helpful if we could set the Eucon to other than the first set of banks - that would fix many many things. That way the first set of banks could be via HUI (rather than doubling up with Eucon), the subsequent banks addressed via Eucon. Eucon protocol can't be used first if you have an Artist Control due to it only having four faders - this constantly leaves four channel strips without control if you put another surface *after* the control unit - so it always has to go to the right.

Please help - this is very frustrating, I need to decide on what I am going to purchase for this and a another setup and I am very close to taking my already-purchased Avid units back to get something that actually functions properly.

Thank you to anyone who may be able to help.

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