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Default MOTU 896 and Pro Tools 9

Okay, so I have the devices setup as an aggregate device and can play audio out of it and it says 20 in/20 out (I have two old 896's I'd like to use).

But, when I open Pro Tools 9, the only options I get for I/O are the built in output and input. I have even deleted them (the built-in I/O) from the aggregate and they still show up. Am I missing something?!

Here is my setup:

OS 10.6.6
MOTU Drivers 1.6 (latest from site)
Pro Tools 9.0.2 (latest update tonight)

Any thoughts?

Oh, and I have my audio going out of the aggregate device in Audio Setup and can play my iTunes out of it to my Big Knob to my monitors!!!!
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