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Default If your having spikes.....

I recommend adding as much ram as you can. This has probably been siad time and again, but do it.
I have a g5 dual 2.0ghz, it is plently fast enough for most demanding mixes, but has suffered from spikes, lost communication etc since I've had it which has been annoying.

Today I added 2gigs of ram and it hasn't spiked or lost contact once all day.

I tried maxing it with multiple instances of garritan and minimonsta and it stood up well i must say.

I am very happy with this.....
G5 dp 2.0Ghz, 2.5 gb RAM/ G4 Powerbook 15" 1.33mhz, 2gb RAM/ 002r/Lacie D2 FW800/PTLE 7.4
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