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Default Re: Need gear advice bad? Pro Tools 10 & mixing brands of converters

Originally Posted by Christian View Post
Been out of the loop for the last few years on the new technology for running Pro Tools as it's updated. Still running a Digi001 on a Dual G4 with Panasonic AD96/DA96 converters.
So what I want to do is update to ProTools 10, get rid of my 001, keep my Panasonic Converters and add a Lynx Aurora 16 converter set & pick up a one/two-year old used G5.
I dont think PT 10 will run on a G5, I could be wrong but I think PT8 was last for that. , get a mac pro 5.1 or newer for future PT releases.

Originally Posted by Christian View Post
I need to purchase a ProTools Core card & accel cards also?
If you pan on using PT HD you do

Any help is really appreciated.

Thank you[/QUOTE]
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