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Default Re: Midi is played on time but midi notes are early on play back.

I’*m pretty sure that the midi is recorded earlier because we play earlier because of the audio latency during the recording. For example if i here the sound with a 256 sample latency, I will automaticaly play a little earlier, to compensate that latency.
It’s the same when I play on a acoustic piano, I play a few millisecond earlier to have the sound coming at the right time. We dont do that consciensously but we all do that, more or less.
I suppose that DAW like Cubase or Logic compensate this and put the Midi later, so we ear exactly the same result after the recording pass that during the recording pass.
If this is correct, I would like that Pro Tools act the same.

I will try to put a delay of the exact amount of buffer for example 256 Samples, and see if it solves the problem.
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