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Default Re: Pro Tools Studio Perpetual License Renewal

Originally Posted by basslik View Post
Okay I see pay an extra $50 for 1 year upgrade more than a regular subscription.
Pro Tools Studio
$249.00 Pro Tools Studio Annual Perpetual Upgrade & Support Plan - GET CURRENT

Seems disheartening *to me* considering being a loyal customer since PT7. That is my personal opinion merely of course.

Although I understand Avid has to push customers to subscription.
Thank you for being a long time customer! Even though we stopped selling new perpetual licenses with the April 2022 release we understood that some existing perpetual license owners might not want to move to subscription. That's why we maintained renewals (the thing that seems to have prompted this thread) and brought back upgrades. Your Software Update Plan was renewable for $199 while it was active but it lapsed in April 2021 so is more than a year beyond the 30 day grace period to renew, that's why it's $249 (to upgrade) instead of $199 (to renew). Also, keep in mind that the Subscription is a 1 year license, so at the end of that term the license would have stopped whereas your perpetual license will continue to authorize Pro Tools. I started a support case to get more info so please check your email and reply as needed. Thanks.