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Default Re: Avid Pro Tools Studio Perpetual License Renewal

Originally Posted by basslik View Post
...What I could see someone being misled when it clearly states Pro Tools Studio. My understanding, correct if I'm wrong but when Pro Tools Studio came aboard it was only subscription right ?
Pro Tools Studio refers to the mid-tier software (previously just named Pro Tools). That's not dependent on a perpetual or subscription license type.
If so, they should word it as such where older versions of PT with perpetual can now upgrade to subscription. (yea / no )
No, there isn't an 'upgrade to subscription' from a perpetual license. (We used to have a crossgrade that involved trading in a perpetual license for a discounted subscription, but that was discontinued last year.)

You own a perpetual license with an expired Software Updates + Support Plan so you'll see a few options on the right side of your product in a 'Get Current' upgrade for $249US (which would provide a new perpetual license bundle) as well as 3 subscription offers (these would provide a new subscription license leaving your perpetual which would still authorize PT versions released up through your plan's expiration date). Note that upgrading from the product in your Avid account starts the clock on your plan, so if you intend on using/starting that later then you could instead buy the upgrade from a reseller and redeem at