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Default Re: Put Your Money Where Your Mix Is - Extra RAM?

Originally Posted by QuacksMeUp View Post
2020 iMac - top end i9 10 cores SSD 64GB RAM AMD 5700XT-16GB

As I get more into music production (lots of plug-ins on every track, sends, auxxes, virtual instruments), I am beginning to notice the slightest bit of delay or sluggishness during playback - which I anticipate will get worse as I get into larger sessions. I'm also noticing the iMac fans revving up more often.

Timing is a slight challenge when playing virtual instruments on a USB keyboard (Komplete Kontrol). (Playback engine samples set to 32 when tracking; 1024 when mixing)

So, will upping my RAM to the 128GB max help here?

Interface is Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt 2. Is it time to look at something like Avid Carbon - would that improve things?

Is there a way to slave two iMacs (or an iMac and Mac mini) to split the load? Or moving to an M1 or M2 Mac the best way to go?

Any thoughts appreciated!
The easiest way to slave two computers is to use VEPro 7 and an ethernet cable. You could put your vi's on one machine and everything on your master machine. You say you're using a lot of plugins on each track - how many and do you really need them on the track? Also what plugins are you using? Any of them using oversampling? There are some plugins that are notorious cpu munchers - Acustica Audio is but one. iZotope rX plugins on a track are another.
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