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Default Re: Put Your Money Where Your Mix Is - Extra RAM?

Open one of those large, sluggish sessions, then take a look at Activity Monitor (in the Utilities folder on your Mac) and check to see how much RAM is being used. 64 GB is a lot, so I'd be surprised if that's the issue, but it would be smart to check, especially if you use a lot of VIs.

Is the issue primarily the latency you feel when playing the keyboard? Or is it the delay after hitting play on the transport?

If you have plugins on that track you're playing which add a lot of latency, you're going to feel it. In those cases, I "Make Inactive" the offending plugin while I'm playing then reactivate afterward. There's no way around those delays, unless you opt for the ProTools DSP systems, which is a primary reason why people invest in them: low record latency.
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