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Default Re: Where is support? Engine reset error,

You only have this "not responding" problem when closing sessions? And only when you are running Axe-Edit etc? Or what does "not respond" when you connect other devices? What do you expect Pro Tools to do? You mean Windows overall/Windows device manager does not see the device when you connect it? That happens only when Pro Tools is running? You need to describe exactly what is happening very clearly, just like we were not there and are clueless.

Many closing sessions problems are caused by plugins or corrupt sessions. You should be able to check for both of those. Make sure you are saving the sessions to an NTFS volume on a high performance hard drive or better SSD. And as always check every optimization has been done.

I've not noticed Axe Edit being a CPU hog. If you are running out of CPU power you will typically get AAE CPU errors or occasionally other AAE errors, but not things like "not responding", that likely a different cause. Make sure ignore errors is not checked so you do see all actual CPU errors. FWIW I have no trouble running FM3-Edit (yes I know a rack unit is on my list) while using Pro Tools on my MacBook Pro, sorry don't use it on a PC. I expect if you ask here and on the Fractal forums you might find lots of other users using Axe-Edit etc. while using Pro Tools on a PC.

If Avid support is working this I hope they have Pro Tools log files of sessions where this happens.
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