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Default Re: Hardware settings not saved?

I'm running 2022.4.0

I will double check my cables but after making the selection for Word Clock (96k) it says everything is fine and I don't have any sync issues - so the cable seems OK once the setting is correct.

Its odd - as some times the pop-up shows up almost immediately after opening PT and other times it appears after opening a project.

In either case, the response to correcting the setting is the same and it goes on to work fine -

I can open and close various projects and the issue remains solved - but close PT and restart PT - the issue returns.

The clock "circuit" is very short - just the one cable from the RME to the Omni and its short - under 3' with a decent BNC cable.

As long as this is the only ghost in my machine, its a fairly benign one.

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