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Default Re: Boom not showing drop down list of bpm options

Ah it all makes sense Avid needs three different ways to lets users download/install plugins because... well AVID.

So for me, looking at Windows

First Air Plugins shown in My Account/My Products are 2018.3

"AIR Instruments 2018.3 Win (ZIP) 1.25 GB"

First Air Plugins shown in the Download Centers is 2018.10. Now remember Download Center is positioned by Avid as where to get historical downloads. Not here, this is where you find the more up to date stuff.

"First AIR Instuments 2018.10 Win
Download File Size:1343759670
MD5 Checksum:862b05bd6ca89937d5705d6769e7083c"

Avid can't even get the product names consistent. Or spell "Instruments" correctly. No wonder so many new users get screwed over with trying to get started with VIs and plugins. And no

Anyhow misspellings and missing later versions give the unfortunate impression stuff here is copied around by hand not part of a automated push/deployment system.

And oh Avid Link, you tempting obese Siren, trying to lure eager young Pro Tools users onto the rocks. I trust unkJE that Link gets it right in this case. I have no way of knowing or caring, that bloatware is automatically uninstalled from my systems.

Last time it was not (a couple of minor releases ago, it did apparently not unusual behavior of suggesting unneeded upgrades). And as I've said in the past it is so bloated one concern I have is sloppy software development combined with a large attack surface, I sure would not be deploying Avid Link or Avid Cloud collaboration inside corporate environments (e.g. large media companies) without a thorough security review. I think I reported one of the first bugs in Link after release, which was a leak of private email addresses, Avid dealt with quickly but not the sort of thing I expect to have to do on the day a product is released. And the sort of thing that should have easily been caught in a internal security/privacy review. Avid seems to have no paid security bounty program, and have not treated independent security researchers well in the past when they have found security problems, stuff that does not encourage me to use these add products Avid is releasing.
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