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Default Re: Can Someone Clarify Subscription Question?

Originally Posted by tomhartman View Post
I bought a Carbon last year, sold it but still have the Ultimate version it came with.

MyAvid account says:

Perpetual Product Pro Tools Ultimate

Expires Aug 31st

They want 399.00 for another year. ....

I see no option to subscribe to it monthly to keep it going and not have to put all that out at once....?
The update and support plan is not available as a monthly.
It is also not a "subscription" You are buying another year of "updates and support."

Subscriptions (which are non-perpetual licenses) are available monthly.

If you don't spend on keeping the perpetual license up-to-date, you have to pay for a reinstatement plan ("get current") if you want to come back on after letting the update and support plan lapse. That is, if Avid offers it when you want to get back on. If they don't, then you have to buy a new license.
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