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Default Re: ProTools Crashes on Template Import

Originally Posted by lesbrunn View Post
Indeed. Sarcasm aside(and totally understood), as of now, we know the numeric version of PT and absolutely nothing else. Take a look at the link near the top of this(and every) DUC page called Help Us Help You. It clearly describes how to get help, by providing the proper info so someone actually has a chance.

Meanwhile, I'll take a complete shot in the dark and suggest its a bad or outdated plugin. Example; many years ago, I used AutoTune 3 and it was included in several sessions. After an upgrade to a slightly newer version of PT, any session with that plugin would simply crash, with no indication why. For this reason, I know tend to create my template sessions by first saving them as a regular session. That allows me to open the session(as a standard session instead of a template) so I can update or modify at will. It also allows me to hold the SHIFT key to make all plugins inactive, which is the first step in deciding if a rogue plugin is to blame
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