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Default Re: Track suddenly stopped producing sound

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
Hmmm, my thoughts(some redundant in case it helps other users):
1-any time you mess around with instrument plugins, its possible for the midi routing to go dead. Solution: show "instrument" under View>Mix Window and reset the assignment.
2-when a track produces no sound when you think it should, play the track and verify that the fader stays up and the mute button does NOT light up(which can happen with accidental automation).
3-Next step if 2 is fine, bypass all plugins except the VI(if you have other plugins on that track). Sometimes a plugin can lose its authorization and not let any sound thru.
4-if 3 is no help, try putting the Signal Generator plugin in the last insert slot on the track and listen for that sound(default is a 1KHz tone). If you don't hear that, double-check the track routing.
5-make sure you don't have a VCA master or are routing thru an AUX track which might turn down the track in another place.
6-if the plugin instrument has a virtual keyboard on it(like MiniGrand or DB-33 has), mouse-click on to verify that the plugin actually makes a sound.
Thank you. It was #1. For some reason the output selector grayed out for this track. The title of the instrument was still displayed but it was seemingly unselected in the dropdown. I reselected the instrument and it resumed working.
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