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Default Where is support? Engine reset error,

Am still on PTHD Native but my. New HDX card is sittin in my bedroom. No sense in installin that unless I can get Native working. On an HP820 win 10 and I don't know why this machine with pro tools have been nothin but shenanigans from this company.

Email support s not helpful at all these people have no dea what they are doing. And just bought the last round of perpetual before it changed to subscription based so the card says updated support plan 1 year. But no code to call in even. Any idea where I can get my code I have to call in? I need serious support. There is so many major issues.

The errors have been the case ever since the last update to the latest HD driver with latest pro tools 2022.7. (do I install the HD driver separately? Or does it install with pro tools).
Errors that do not read any audio input to the interface and errors like "Playback could not be started because of an engine reset. This may happen due to a CPU issue, a problematic driver or because playback was started immediately after an engine change"

Also the error "audio processin could not be complete due to conflicts with other CPU tasks... etc etc.

I don't know what to do anymore is there a way to roll back to the previous software?

And now avid link doesn't work. This is brutal

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