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Default Re: Tdm plugins hanging PT 10

Originally Posted by tripstation View Post
Vss3 and Fairchild 670 hang PT10 Win 10 64 on startup but Virus Indigo for example loads and runs fine.
Anyone had this problem?

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Hi. I think this is more about incompatibility of PTHD10 and certain TDM plugins than compatibility of PTHD10 and Win10. I've seen some users here on DUC are using HD10 on Win10 without issues.

I have the same problem with some TDM plugins on Win7 - McDSP and URS make HD10 hang on startup. However, Autotune 5, Waves, Brainworx and SPL TDMs all work fine on PT HD10.3.10.

I was interested in Eventide Anthology II TDM and asked their support for compatibility info. Their reply is - "If it is a version earlier than 10.3.6, then it should work. Anything after and including that version will not work." On my question "why" they replied - I don't have the exact reason why A2 won't work with those versions, but it won't work. I assume there were changes made to the code that will prevent it from working. The timing also coincides with our shift to offering only native plug-ins in the AAX, AU and VST formats.

AVIDs compatibility list says Anthology II version 1.5.1 works on HD10 but not specified what PT subversion this includes. When you dig through and carefully study online information and documentation related to the old TDM/RTAS plugins from the transition time Digidesign - AVID, there is a lot of ambiguity, illogicality and contradictions...

Hope this helps...



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