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Default How to Convince PT there's No Video in the Session

Working on a video soundtrack, I had the video clip on a track in my session but had to pull it out because the PT Video Engine is such a resource hog (4.19gb... really?!) and I kept getting CPU resource overloads. I deleted the video track, removed the video file from my clips manager, got rid of every trace of anything 'video', but PT still says "Restoring Video Files" while opening, hangs at a warning about QuickTime not being able to play the video, and launches the Video Engine, even though 'Video Engine' is not enabled in my Playback settings. Every time I launch this session I have to dispatch the QuickTime warning, then go into my Activities Monitor and force-quit the video engine.

Is there some way of convincing PT there's no video in this session, once and for all?

Pro Tools Studio, 2022.5.0
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