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Default Re: OSX vs Pro Tools vs License version hell

You have not answered the key question about what license you exactly have and where it was obtained.

If it was a standard retail/online purchased license you would upgrade as I've already pointed out by purchasing a license reinstatement. That's the only thing Avid or resellers can sell you. You can't purchase a license to a point release version.

And again, more questions you really need to take those offline with an Avid authorized reseller who can look at exactly what you have and sell you what you need, or let you know you can't upgrade.

And if you are SOL and can't use a reinstatement plan with whatever license you have then you might need to purchase a subscription, since there are no perpetual licenses sold any more but that's not going to let you run 12.6.x releases.

And if you do have an NFR or edu license or whatever and that is not upgradeable and you buy an upgrade for it all you'll get here is folks making fun of you after being warned. Call a sales rep.

Buying a used license and (or and not) buying a reinstatement to upgrade that license is another option, but know what you are doing/be careful there. Any purchase should to be a official transfer through Avid/iLok, not all licenses that were bundled with hardware can be transferred without a used hardware sale.

Or go "off the grid" set yourself up on an OS X version that supports 12.5 and keep it there forever.

Or give up on Pro Tools and buy any one of a number of great DAWs out there. Your choice.


Downloads are likely suffering from what BScout pointed out (he has better memory than me about that issue), but I'm not sure that's an issue now when you don't have license for a supported config to install. Again as we both said, contact Avid support if that issue is really affecting you.

Most of us won't have 12.5.x downloads in our My Products or Downloads section of so can't even look at the file for you. If these dmg files show up for you in the download center (not my products) where they list MD5 values then you can compare the MD5 hashes of the file after download to confirm you are getting to bits Avid put there.

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