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Default Re: Thoughts on S6 Pec/Dir Metering

5. Meter Names: Again this might be a film specific thing, but rec tracks are often labeled something like "filmtitle_ftr_reel1_en_dx-stem_71_24fps". While this naming is indispensable for the identification of recorded audio files, it’s a nightmare in terms of metering, resulting in displayed names like fitr1ds724 | fitr1fs724 | fitr1ms724 ...
It would be tremendously helpful to be able to enter names when creating the post layouts in the "post assign" section or even to be able to simply display the track comment field instead of the track name.

6. Post Layouts: After opening sessions, the post module (+ master post display) default to show nothing. As a result you end up with no pedals and no pec/dir meters after every reel change. While it might be reasonable for the S6 main channel strips to not open in layout mode, it seems illogical for the post module, which should simply default to open the last used post layout (or any really)

Again I applaud everyone involved in pushing for and designing these modules, which we were in dire need for.

In hopes for a fruitful exchange, I'd welcome any other insights, thoughts and suggestions.


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