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Default Clicking / popping sounds during playback - why?

When I playback a mix, I hear clicking / popping sounds at irregular intervals. Happens through headphones and over my powered monitors. Also, the sound quality of playback is poor both in the cans and monitors. The noises appear with the sample PT session included on the install disk as well as with self-recorded tracks.

I'm a newbie at PT running PT LE Mbox2 on a Dell Latitude D600 notebook. The notebook is probably underpowered because I'm using the system disk to store PT sound files. But it does have 2G of ram and the right chipset so I'm having a go. I've optimized laptop and PT settings per the manual and suggestions read in this forum. I've disabled a screencopy program and other unnecessary resource drains.

I have simple needs: all I do is record 2 tracks of bass (one DI and one from a mic). I'd like to add beat tracks after I fix the above mentioned issue of popping and clicking noises on playback. The resulting bass mix/master is to be sent online to someone else with more powerful processing capabilities. For all it's worth, my sound is processed before going into PT. The DI runs from a David Eden amp through a compressor --> mixer --> Mbox2. The dynamic mic runs through a tube preamp --> compressor --> mixer --> Mbox2. OK, so it's old school, etc. etc. but I'm going with what I know -- and it *should* work pretty well.

Can anyone please shed light about the noise and sound quality issue? PT is running on this old platform albeit slowly, and I'm hoping I can goose it enough to fuilfil my simply recording needs and enable interoperability with the world of PT users. Thank you for reading this.
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