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Default What are the absolute best video parameters for PT

We are running an HD 1 system here on a dual processor G4. Panther running PT TDM 6.4. We seem to have figured out that the movie needs to be encoded in DV or dv/dvcpro to run well (or maybe that's just to be able to run out of the canopus). But we have only tried that with nothing but basically the video in the session and are worried about it possibly getting bogged down once the session gets thick.

I believe the old method of thinking in OS 9 was to limit the video file to 2 GB. I think that shouldn't probably apply anymore with how well panther takes advantage of processors, RIGHT?, especially dual processors and that the graphics card does most of the work in I correct about that thinking?

Also, does it matter what the resolution is or the what the movie data RATE is? We obviously would love to hear that file size, resolution, and data rate are not issues at all and that the only thing that is important is to have our video in the dv/dvcpro codec. so that it will look as good as possible both when using the canopus for output and when NOT using the canopus.
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