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Default MIDI Delay; Please Helpp.

I produce most of my instrumentals with FruityLoops Studio 9 [XXL Producer Edition] and then I use ReWire with ProTools to actually record the track. I use a standard MIDI connection from my electronic keyboard [Yamaha PSR-175; a moderately out-dated model] directly to my MBox2, which is connected to my very new, souped-up computer via USB.
Now, whether I'm recording or not, there is a small, yet noticeable delay/lag (maybe a half-second) from when I hit the keys to when the computer actually plays the corresponding sound information. I would really appreciate getting rid of the delay so that MIDI play and recordings are much more precise in correspondence with my physical playing of the keyboard.

A possible solution I've been considering is FireWire. Will that really solve the delay problem?
Or could the delay problem be originating from the USB connection between the MBox and the computer?
Is it possible that my keyboard is just too old?

In response to my situation, all suggestions/solutions/advice/comments are appreciated. Thank you.

Peace&Love. __Mak$;
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