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Default Mbox 2 Pro vs Mbox latency - Mbox 2 Mini pro?

Hello, I have two questions for you guys:

I've always used non-LE systems but I need to have something portable for some occasions now.

I'm leaning towards the Mbox 2 Pro because it is the only one that supports 96k.
Also in the past I have once used a borrowed Mbox 1 to record some guitars on the road and the latency issues were terrible, hence my question: can I expect better/less latency issues with the Mbox 2 Pro considering that it is firewire instead of USB?

My other questions was simply: does anybody know of any plans of (what I guess would be called) an Mbox 2 Mini Pro being released? In other words, I would love to see a Mini Mbox with 96k support! That would be great!
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