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Default Novation Nocturn problems

The specs:
- iMac 24" 2.66 core2duo, 4gb ram running OSX 10.6.4
- Digi002Rack
- Pro Tools 8.0.4 LE + MPTK2
- Novation Nocturn
- Automap 3.5 Pro
- HUI set up correctly in Pro Tools and Automap

I've wrapped the DigiRack III 7 band EQ, WavesShell-DAE 7.1 (containing the Gold Bundle) and D-verb in Automap.

Have made automaps for Digirack EQ, C1 and D-verb, did this in an empty session with just 1 track and 1 plugin at a time. All went fine.

Then I opened up an older session. Then the problems popped up:

1. When in mixer mode on the Nocturn, not all encoders can control its corresponding fader. Sometimes they work, sometimes they are jumpy, sometimes they don't work at all.

2. The title in the top section of the Automap window that shows the active control changes often, erratically, when I'm not touching anything. This happens wether the session is playing or not. Or maybe it's a feature? But that would be a really dumb feature.

3. Pressing "FX" should show all the inserts in the session. Well it does, but for an indefinite amount of time. I usually immediately jumps back to the previous active plugin. There are over 70 inserts in the session, so maybe that's part of the problem?
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