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Default Re: PC build help/suggestions on components.

Originally Posted by EGS View Post
I think the # of watts depends on the installed components i.e. what the power draw will be. PSU headroom is a good idea & so is build quality. Some new high-end video cards really suck up the juice. I agree to never skimp on the PSU. A while ago on my old/previous build, I started getting occasional BSODs. I suspected a dying 10-yr old PSU ---> upgraded the PSU and BSODs stopped.
Totally agree. But it also matters as to how the current is spread out. Back in the early i7 days, I had a 920/x58 setup that ran like a train. So I built a 950/x58A PC and it ran like total crap with a very "similar" PSU. After lots of chasing my tail, a beefier PSU solved all the issues. Turns out the 12V rails were under-rated for that cpu and the replacement PSU had a single 12V rail rated at over 50amps(the other PSU was multiple rails at 13 amps each for a similar total). Graphics cards(especially if you run multiples, HDX card(s) and several drives(6 in my machine) can chew up a cheap PSU quickly. Gotta read those spec sheets
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