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Default Re: PC build help/suggestions on components.

Originally Posted by junkgear View Post
Do not skimp on the power supply. Buying a power supply that can't keep up with your system can lead to all sorts of stability issues.

You would want something a gamer would use. See the following article for some suggestions on high end power supplies.

Best Power Supply for Gaming
Indeed! I used to recommend 650 watts as minimum, but these days, 750 watts is my minimum(my spare PSU is an 850 I bought on sale). I have no gripe about AMD, but these days, intel is my choice for an audio machine. 32GB is my minimum RAM too and I would(will) spend the extra $$ for Thunderbolt 3/4 on my next build. Yes, I may not use TB, but I want to be able to, regardless as the cost difference is pretty small(I expect to get at least 10 years out of any PC build, so an extra $200 now equals $20 per year)
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