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Default Freeze Instrument track erratic

Frozen tracks randomly have no audio or are very long with a little audio near the end. Happens about half the time. Anyone else experiencing this?

PT 2021.10, Windows 10 latest update, 24-core XEON, 64 GB RAM. Saffire interface.

I did a large orchestral thing recently using mostly Spitfire stuff. Wanted HWB=64 to keep latency to a minimum. CPU usage got dodgy/spiky with more than a handful of active tracks at a time, so I was doing a lot of freezing as I went along.

But I couldn't take the time to check that every single freeze operation had worked, so I gave up and used HWB=128, which allowed me to play the whole orchestra with no frozen tracks. But if a take has to be tight, you either slide the notes a little, use Realtime Properties to force it to play earlier, or quantize. Annoying, but quicker than dealing with silent frozen tracks.

Is it a bug or a system problem, you think?
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