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Default Very Weird Behavior in Audiosuite?

Audiosuite plugins are behaving in an erratic and uncontrollable manner. For example, if I select a portion of audio to tune with audiosuite (select audio, then graph, select Auto-Tune, select track pitch and the speaker icon, so the snippet of audio plays into AT and then is ready to tune), as soon as my mouse is over the grid, the grid starts scrolling of its own accord, all the way to the beginning of the timeline. If I select Pitch N Time, if my mouse is over the "key shift" portion of the interface, it scrolls to the left on its own, all the way to the left. There is similar behavior with other plug-ins.

It happens as well if I use AT as an insert.

I changed the batteries in the mouse and keyboard, trashed databases and PT prefs, restarted PT and the computer, to no avail. I'm off to the store to buy another keyboard and mouse, hoping that's where the problem is, but since every other use of the keyboard and mouse on my computer produces nothing unexpected, I'm not too hopeful...

PT 12. 4
Windows 10 Pro
64 GB Ram
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