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Default Re: Scorch won't open Sibelius files

Hi, most of my scores were created with G7 (sibelius 3?) and they are about 3 pages long. Yes I get random crashes and various other errors. I have upgraded to sibelius7 now principally because G7 doesn't work on lion. However with all the issues with scorch and the delays in getting them fixed, I just use scorch for playing back the files and quick transpositions both of which still work and checking what i have got. Its no use even for practice.
For everything else, I convert the file to PDF (G7 can print to acrobat on windows xp) but Sibelius 7 exports to PDF . I bought forScore for playing as search works and you can easily Create set list and it works with AirTurn.
It's a pain having to convert the files, but at least forScore works, and if a bug is reported, they get a fix out in a few days. Not ideal but as I usually have a few days notice and Sibelius 7 is great for formatting my old scores for the iPad, it's a workable solution. At leas my Sibelius files are getting formatted ready for when scorch is finally upgraded (in 2015?).
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