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The 001 MAY be a good way to get your 1680 tracks into the mac to edit, but is probably VERY repetitive, why not just record into the 001 in the first place?

What I would look for is:

1- a way to synch the two, for added track count/effects (if you have the effects that go in the 1680), etc. but it's kind of like having two home studios!

If you are looking for something to build upon rather than replace every year or two, consider that the 001 is upgradeable to TDM - by replacing the actual hardware!

2 -I am not familiar enough with the 1680's digital connections, but you should look for a way to dump 1680 tracks into the mac- any of the major software programs out there now will probably do the job for editing, but most important is the card that will take the 1680 tracks and put them in the computer. Is the 001 hardware the way to do this? (it would be kind of cool to get all 16 tracks in at once, and lined up properly!)

Again, it may be equally valuable to just use the 001 all along, from the beginning (maybe keep the 1680 for portability and bringing tracks home to edit in pro tools le)

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