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Default Re: \"P\" and \";\" key commands not working 5.2.1LE...

wow that's a bummer... there's no way to move your selection point up or down a track without moving it within the timeline in 5.2 LE? I would hope that Digi would have added at least this simple navigational functionality to LE.. (even in a dated Legacy product) Besides, it's listed in the key commands that are in the help manual...not only that, but that doesn't explain the intermittent behavior of the Apple+E (separate region command) changing to the "find" dialog box every so often, then fixing itself on a restart of PT. These problems may or may not be related, but I think they might be. After all, 5.2 is a "beta" version...Anyhow, thanks for the reply.. I know this post is gonna be topposted right out of the DUC cause it deals with a 5.x version of LE.. but if anyone else has any ideas, i'd appreciate the reply..
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