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Default Pro Tools hardware requirements.

Apologizing in advance for lack of tech knowledge and for questions to which the answers might seem obvious. I’m looking to purchase Pro Tools and a computer as a grad gift for my son. My initial questions:

1) Referencing the Avid Knowledge Base article-Pro Tools System Requirements and Compatibility. Under the heading Computer Optimization, it is stated “. . . we can only provide support for qualified systems.” Following this is a series of “qualified configuration” brand and model specific desktops and Zbook. My question is, if I have a laptop built to include that which is listed under the Minimum System Requirements heading, I will not be eligible for support if the software is installed in such system? In other words, to be eligible to receive support from Avid, must the Pro Tools software be installed in one of the system configurations depicted in the article?

2) Under Windows, under the same heading, Intel Core I9 is required. Is there a specific model of I9? Is a more recent processor-I10, etc., also acceptable?

3) Under Additional Requirements-Video Requirements and Avid Shared Storage: How are these obtained and installed?

4) Does HDX refer to standalone Pro Tools? Can I purchase a standalone system and if so does it make more or less sense, economically or others, to just purchase the software and install on your own system?

5) Would I be correct in assuming that, say, the Geek Squad at a Best Buy, if handed this article, would be able to put together a system based on all its operational requirements? Or must some of the hardware or software be purchased elsewhere?

I understand these questions are sort of hodgepodge, but I’m trying to understand some of the most basic fundamentals before I can direct my learning. My musician son would understand most of this, but, as I said, Pro Tools and a system is a gift for his college graduation. Any insight on any of the above will be greatly appreciated, of course. Thanking everyone in advance.
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