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Default Re: Panning Issue Pro Tools LE 8.0.5

Not a solution. But a similar problem.

Mono tracks whose volumes increase when panned but won't pan, stereo tracks that don't pan but become mono.

Drums sound ok when in mono panned slightly and disappear when centred. Stereo tracks sound twice as loud as mono tracks.

This has affected past and new sessions.

PT 8.0.5. Win 7 or 10. M Box 2 / headphones.

This is only a recent occurrence and won't change from computer to computer.

I had problems a few months ago with an M audio MIDI controller - it wouldn't install. But I have an illogical feeling the thing has corrupted the settings but if this is so I don't know. Nor can I seem to fix these issues. And yes, PT has been reinstalled and updated even if it is the v.v. old LE 8 version.

Perhaps I should have asked ages ago but I can't quite fix this problem; perhaps there is something I've not thought of despite racking my brain cell.
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