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Default Re: 003 freeze ups? What could be wrong?

Replaced the FW cable, same thing. The card is not an add on. I don’t want to replace the 003 simply because it’s older technology.
But here’s the thing. If it was the 003 it doesn’t make sense that it comes back on when I lower to 4gb until it goes out again and raise it back to 5gb. If the 003 was failing I would think it would have trouble kicking back on no matter what I did in the settings.
I’m thinking it must have something to do with my settings in the computer itself.
What is the timeline cache supposed to be? It shows 100 over here. It’s gotta be something stupid like that.

Another clue: Everything will be going smooth when I touch the mouse and suddenly it happens. Does that sound like a 003 issue?
BTW, I uninstalled the 003 drivers and reinstalled them again. No change.
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